The Time Machine Homework Week 4

Week 4

You go to investigate some strange sounds and you meet  people from the time you are visiting. They wonder who you are and are a bit scared of you. You have to try to talk yourself out of a lot of trouble. Write out your conversation, remember to use speech marks and the important rule- new speaker, new line. Do you make friends in the end or do you have to run away?

‘’Why did I wander into this stupid, scary island?’’ Miss Rogerson asked herself.

Suddenly, she heard a rustling behind her in the gigantic palm leaves. As quick as a flash, she zoomed around. Facing her were 15 incredibly giant Pharaohs. They were staring down at Miss Rogerson, wondering what she was doing on their beautiful island.

‘’I’m…sorry….I was trying to find….’’ Miss Rogerson stuttered.

The colossal Pharaoh yelled, ‘’WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON OUR LAND?’’

 Homework due Wednesday 27th November.

The Time Machine Week 3

You arrive

Write a description about what you can see as you step out of the time machine. Remember to include smells, sounds and feelings. Is it day or night? Can you see any people or animals? Are there any buildings? If you would like to include speech, you must make sure you tell the reader who the characters are.

Also, if you wish to draw a picture to accompany your writing- bring this in and we can add the pictures to our blog.

Homework due Wednesday 20th November.

There was some excellent homework produced last week- keep it up!

Miss Rogerson

The Time Machine Week 2

Where are you going to go?


Choose a place to go in your time machine. I might go back to the time of the dinosaurs.

Write about what happens when you get into your time machine. What is your journey like? How do you feel about travelling through time? Does it make your head spin? Does your tummy feel funny?

To write a successful piece you must use connectives, wow words, sentence openers, punctuation.