The Island Homework Week 4

Week 4

Strange noises are heard in the night! You go to investigate some strange sounds and end up having to talk yourself out of a lot of trouble. Write out your conversation, using speech marks (new person, new line). Example below:

‘’Why did I wander into this stupid, scary island?’’ Miss Rogerson asked herself.

Suddenly, she heard a rustling behind her in the gigantic palm leaves. As quick as a flash, she zoomed around. Facing her were 15 incredibly giant Pharaohs. They were staring down at Miss Rogerson, wondering what she was doing on their beautiful island.

‘’I’m…sorry….I was trying to find….’’ Miss Rogerson stuttered.

The colossal Pharaoh yelled, ‘’WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON OUR LAND?’’

Homework due Wednesday 27th November.

The Island Week 3

You need a shelter

Write instructions that could help someone in a similar situation to yourself. Explain which materials would be best to protect you from weather and animals on your island.

Make sure that your instructions are easy to understand. How can we make instructions easy to follow? Perhaps numbers or bullet points may help.

If you wish to include diagrams to help your explanation, bring these into school and we can add them to our blog as photographs.

Homework due Wednesday 20th November.

There was some excellent homework produced last week- keep it up!

Miss Rogerson


The Island Week 2

How did you get to your island?


Write about your arrival, explaining who you are with and how you got there.

Try to think of an interesting and unusual way to arrive, for example I might arrive to my island on a friendly dolphin who I met out at sea. (To write an interesting piece you MUST use connectives, wow words, sentence openers and punctuation.)