Dear worldleaders

All children need edication to help them in their lives.What if it was you in this situation?Lucy is a normal girl just like us so why shouldn’t she go to school.Fifty seven million people dont go to school and one third of them have a disabilty.If Lucy and her friends went to school and they wanted to be a doctor they would be able to save more lives.Lucy has dreams just like us but her dream is to go to school.So please help people like Lucy to have a good edication.







Dear worldleaders,

Why stop a childs dream when you could make it happen! Help Lucy’s dream come true by going to school. Why can’t Lucy go to school just because she has disability? I believe that if we go to school then why can’t Lucy? Everybody need’s education, so they can get a job and become a doctor, to help other children with disability to get education. There is 57 million children who can’t go to school and a third of them can’t go because of their disability. If you had a child that had disability how would you feel?

Let’s zoom into space….!

Our topic last half term was Space, the children in Class 9 took part in a range of projects. These included designing their own alien creature from a success criteria and making them out of clay using a variety of tools and equipment. The children were very creative and artistic during this process.

Then using the aliens, storyboards were created, backgrounds designed and stop animation video was used on the LearnPads. These were fantastic and very inventive- a little bit like Wallace and Gromit episodes if you’re wondering! Some funny, crazy and weird stories were invented for our aliens.

We then went on to make a Moon Buggy for our aliens to ride. Each child had to design their buggy, thinking carefully about measurements and materials available. The Year 6’s in Class 9 acted a mini teachers and helped the Year 5’s during their early stage of cutting, sawing and drilling wood to make the frame of the buggy. All of the children worked exceptionally well to create their models. Some were more successful than others, but everybody learnt something from the process.

IMG_2324 IMG_2329

                                         Olivia, Naomi and Chloe- Stop animation             Group creating their background

IMG_2343    IMG_2294

                                                Tom with his finished frame                                          Clay being shaped


                                       Iris with her fantastic moon buggy and alien             Hot glueing the wood together


                                                      Alex sawing his dowling                                            Will and Finlay


                                                                           Elissa concentrating when hammering the wood

All About Space!

Our topic this half term is ‘Space’. We are going to be linking our learning to this topic.

I really would like to know what you would like to find out about ‘Space’. What questions you have or anything you would like to investigate.

Looking forward to reading them!

Miss Rogerson

Showcase: Adam’s Time Machine Homework

Showcase badge

As I step out of my time machine(which looks out of place), I feel a cold rush of air brush against my skin and a strong smell of smoke. People are screaming in the distance and I can see red, orange, yellow flames dancing above the tree tops.

I decide to investigate, my curiosity overwhelming my fear. As I trudge up the steep hill, I hear more violent screams and battle cries.

As I reach the top of the hill… “VIKINGS!” I seemed to blurt out as if my life depended on it. I wanted to turn and run but I was frozen,  to scared to move. I looked back, my time machine was still there, maybe if I was quick I could… too late, they were coming.

The only thing that was running through my mind was… hide… I tried to climb a tree, I tried to find a hole anything, but no, I had to make a quick decision, Run.

I ran as fast as I could, the fact that I would be back soon was the only thing that kept me going.

When I got to the time machine I swung open the door and leaped through the open doors…

Finally safe.

Adam Class 9

Starfish of the Week 8th November 2013

Adam is our Starfish of the Week!



Adam is Starfish of the Week because he has been super creative (remembering our theme from last half term!) and has made a beautiful poppy using wire, tissue paper and glue. He also created a spectacular sketch of The Forbidden City in China using many difficult techniques including shading, 3D effect and making it look like a reflection on the water. If you look over his shoulder on the picture, you will be able to see his lovely self portrait he has drawn also. He has worked super hard all week especially with his reading. Well done, Adam!

Our star this week was Will B for working really hard in Literacy, showing great understanding of our topic Stories from other Cultures, answering complex questions in our comprehension work.

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Rogerson

Class 9 Homework

Hello Class 9!

Your homework blogs are below, in order to complete your homework you must reply to either ‘The Island’ or ‘The Time Machine’ depending upon whether you are in Year 5 or 6.

I am looking forward to reading all of your homework (posted as a comment). The homework is due in Tuesday 12th November. Enjoy being creative!

Miss Rogerson

Alien Adventure Story

This is an extract from Ethans story, hopefully it will grab your attention. What do you think might happen next? Or do you have any tips for how it could be improved?


“Only 2 more days to go,” mumbled captain gloop as he crossed a day of his calendar.

“What do you want for tea dear,” shouted Mrs Gloop as she walked out of the kitchen.

Meanwhile at HQ General Blob and his team prepared the ship “We better call captain Gloop,” suggested one of the soldiers.

“Good idea,” mumbled General Blob.

“Ring,” “Ring,” went the phone “Can you get that,” called Mrs Gloop, captain Gloop got out of his red stripy chair and picked up his telephone and said joyfully “Hello”.

“This is General Blob we have prepared the ship captain”.

Captain Gloop put the telephone down and marched out of the door saying “Goodbye” he got in his car and drove to the space station he when through the door and General Blob said seriously “It is great to see you again”.

They walked to the ship and got inside Captain Gloop asked “How come we are going today I thought it was 2 days away?”

General Blob mentioned “We had a glitch sir,” then Captain Gloop turned on the engine and then they set off!

Half way there the ship got caught in an asteroid field “Look out……”.

Starfish of the Week 25th October 2013

Ethan is Starfish of the Week


Ethan has been named as Class 9’s Starfish of the Week because he wrote a fantastic Alien Adventure story and published it on the computer, he was able to use a range of simple and complex sentences, adjectives and some very inventive speech. He has tried his absolute best in literacy all week and has been happy to ask for help when he has needed it. I am very proud of Ethan and hope he keeps it up!

My Stars this week were Isobel and Diasy, who also wrote super stories. They thought about their writing carefully and began publishing it in a story book style. Well done to you two!

We have had a super half term and I am looking forward to what next half term brings. Keep updated on our blog for all the going’s on in Class 9!

Have a happy half term, Miss Rogeron.

Alien Week in Class 9!

Oh golly! My space ship has crash landed and…

(Can you complete the sentence in an exciting way!?)