Alien Adventure Story

This is an extract from Ethans story, hopefully it will grab your attention. What do you think might happen next? Or do you have any tips for how it could be improved?


“Only 2 more days to go,” mumbled captain gloop as he crossed a day of his calendar.

“What do you want for tea dear,” shouted Mrs Gloop as she walked out of the kitchen.

Meanwhile at HQ General Blob and his team prepared the ship “We better call captain Gloop,” suggested one of the soldiers.

“Good idea,” mumbled General Blob.

“Ring,” “Ring,” went the phone “Can you get that,” called Mrs Gloop, captain Gloop got out of his red stripy chair and picked up his telephone and said joyfully “Hello”.

“This is General Blob we have prepared the ship captain”.

Captain Gloop put the telephone down and marched out of the door saying “Goodbye” he got in his car and drove to the space station he when through the door and General Blob said seriously “It is great to see you again”.

They walked to the ship and got inside Captain Gloop asked “How come we are going today I thought it was 2 days away?”

General Blob mentioned “We had a glitch sir,” then Captain Gloop turned on the engine and then they set off!

Half way there the ship got caught in an asteroid field “Look out……”.