100WC Send My Friends To School

Dear World Leaders

I believe that all children should the same amount of education just like the children in the UK.

All the children should have the same amount of education because children like Lucy with disability should go to school around about half of that want to be doctors and all those doctors could save more children’s lives. Just because Lucy has an awful disability called polo still doesn’t mean to see hear stay at home all day and do nothing. Why can’t Lucy spend the time she wants to and just have fun?



Dear worldleaders

All children need edication to help them in their lives.What if it was you in this situation?Lucy is a normal girl just like us so why shouldn’t she go to school.Fifty seven million people dont go to school and one third of them have a disabilty.If Lucy and her friends went to school and they wanted to be a doctor they would be able to save more lives.Lucy has dreams just like us but her dream is to go to school.So please help people like Lucy to have a good edication.







Dear worldleaders,

I believe that all children should have a great education wherever they live or whether they have a disability or not every child should go to school.Schools need special teachers so children can go to school.It makes it fair if every child goes to school and we want it to be fair.Lucy should go to school and everyone should care about this.It would make the world better if everey child goes to school and a percentage became doctors they could save other chldren in the future.Why can’t they go to?How would you feel?

Thank you

from Seb.


Dear worldleaders,

Why stop a childs dream when you could make it happen! Help Lucy’s dream come true by going to school. Why can’t Lucy go to school just because she has disability? I believe that if we go to school then why can’t Lucy? Everybody need’s education, so they can get a job and become a doctor, to help other children with disability to get education. There is 57 million children who can’t go to school and a third of them can’t go because of their disability. If you had a child that had disability how would you feel?