Let’s zoom into space….!

Our topic last half term was Space, the children in Class 9 took part in a range of projects. These included designing their own alien creature from a success criteria and making them out of clay using a variety of tools and equipment. The children were very creative and artistic during this process.

Then using the aliens, storyboards were created, backgrounds designed and stop animation video was used on the LearnPads. These were fantastic and very inventive- a little bit like Wallace and Gromit episodes if you’re wondering! Some funny, crazy and weird stories were invented for our aliens.

We then went on to make a Moon Buggy for our aliens to ride. Each child had to design their buggy, thinking carefully about measurements and materials available. The Year 6’s in Class 9 acted a mini teachers and helped the Year 5’s during their early stage of cutting, sawing and drilling wood to make the frame of the buggy. All of the children worked exceptionally well to create their models. Some were more successful than others, but everybody learnt something from the process.

IMG_2324 IMG_2329

                                         Olivia, Naomi and Chloe- Stop animation             Group creating their background

IMG_2343    IMG_2294

                                                Tom with his finished frame                                          Clay being shaped


                                       Iris with her fantastic moon buggy and alien             Hot glueing the wood together


                                                      Alex sawing his dowling                                            Will and Finlay


                                                                           Elissa concentrating when hammering the wood

Starfish of the Week!

A couple of our starfish pictures and posts have gone missing- here are Alex, Daisy and Daniel receiving their awards along with the stars for each week. Well done to all of you!!





Starfish of the Week 17th January 2014

Ryan is our Starfish of the Week!


Ryan is our Starfish because he worked so well when we has visitors from Lancaster University in school, he particated in their philosophy workshop-he listened effectively to others and contributed lots! He has shown real qualities of a Year 6 prefect- keep it up Ryan- you can do so well!

Adam and Olivia were our stars for working so hard to create their clay model aliens- they didn’t give up and their effort paid off.

Have a fab weekend! Miss Rogerson

Starfish of the Week 10th January

Josh is our Starfish of the Week


Josh is our Starfish this week because he has worked quickly and quietly when completing his work. He has shown a really positive attitude to achieve as much as possible. Well done, Josh.

Finlay and Seb were our stars this week!

All About Space!

Our topic this half term is ‘Space’. We are going to be linking our learning to this topic.

I really would like to know what you would like to find out about ‘Space’. What questions you have or anything you would like to investigate.

Looking forward to reading them!

Miss Rogerson

Starfish of the Week 13th December 2013

Alana is our Starfish of the Week!


Alana is our Starfish this week, she always works quickly and quietly and gets on with her work with a really enthuiastic manner. I am really pleased with Alana because more often she is trying to work things out for herself before asking for help. It shows she is gaining lots of independence as an active member of Year 5- a big well done to you!

Our stars this week are Ethan and Seth.

Miss Rogerson

Starfish of the Week 6th December

Sam is our starfish of the week!



Sam has been chosen as Starfish because of his wonderful portrayal of Herod in our Christmas nativity. He did an amazing job acting so well and projecting his voice to the very back of the church. Well done, Sam!

Our Stars are Tom and Iris because they have been working very hard.

Miss Rogerson

Starfish of the Week 29th November 2013

Elliott is our Starfish!


Elliott has been awarded the Starfish prize this week. He has been working really well planning his story from another culture and has begun to write his opening and build up. Elliott has shown enthusiasm when writing his story but has also looked to improve it too. In our nativity he has an important role- which he has taken very seriously when preparing!

Josh and Katie are our Stars this week who have also tried hard when creating their story from another culture.

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Rogerson

Showcase: Elliott Island Homework

I was coming home from hunting at night when I heard a deafening racket coming from inside my shelter…

“What on earth is going on in there?” I said to myself.

I nervously went to investigate what the noise was.  My heart was thumping so loud I hoped that whatever was inside couldn’t hear it.

“Come on Elliott… count to ten, keep calm.” I whispered to myself.Showcase badge

“How dare you build on Doom Island!” boomed an immense man.

“How dare you go in my tent!” I said shaking inside.

“Who do you think you are talking to me like that?” he replied. “I am Banger the Great, the most powerful and strongest ruler of Doom Island in all history.”

There was a silence that seemed to go on forever. Suddenly, I had the best thought that could get me out of this mess.

“But I am the King of Zuzu Island. It is the biggest island in the world, if you don’t leave my shelter I will get my army to attack so…….. GO!” I bellowed.

“Show me some proof,” he said laughing.

I was panicking, starting to sweat with nerves…..then in a flash of inspiration it came to me.

“Take a look at this,” I said proudly while pulling out of my pocket a picture of me dressed up as King Henry in a school production.

Banger the Great looked at my picture and paused then the King of Doom Island ran like the wind into the distance.

“Phew! Hope that’s the end of him,” I thought as I sat down to eat my catch of the day.

Elliott Class 9

Starfish of the Week 22nd November 2013

Iris is our Starfish of the Week!


Iris has been given the Starfish award this week because she has worked hard in literacy when creating her setting opener, she is always polite and helpful around school and can always be seen with a smile on her face! Well done, Iris- you are a little shining star!

Our Stars this week are Jacob for having a really positive approach with all his work and Naomi for trying really hard in numeracy.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Rogerson